My Studies

Studying computer science at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal
Working for my university at the IT department

My Projects

  • My Homelab

    I use my homelab to expand my knowledge in all areas of IT. All systems are managed by myself.

  • PKT

    Currently working with PKT to help decentralize the internet and bring the next billion people online

  • Hosting

    I host multiple services, such as email, websites, DNS servers (including a DNS Root) all under my own personal network

My Network

About AS200454
For peering requests please check PeeringDB

AS203619/AS200454 is a not for profit, educational network owned and operated by me. I'm always looking for new projects so if you've got anything interesting feel free to contact me. This network runs primarly over the newer IPv6 protocol but IPv4 is still supported. I give free IPv6 subnets (/48 up to /40) for personal and/or educational networks. Drop me an email.

My hobbies

I like Sailing and I've been doing it since 10 years old.
I'm currently competing under Snipe Class.